Our Wineries

Fattoria della Aioli


Built as a 17th century fortress, the Aiola castle has undergone many transformations to become the prestigious winery it is today. In 1937 Giovanni Malagodi bought Aiola and started bottling Classic Chianti.  In 2012, with new owners, vineyards were replanted and the equipment was renovated and up-dated. Aiola lies at the heart of the Chianti Classico DOCG area. The vineyards are on lands of three distinct soil types, allowing for the creation of rich and soophisticated wines.

Castello di Uviglie


With a tradition and experience of more than five centuries, Castello di Uviglie,  owned by Simone Lupano, is today a dynamic production of 120 hectares of which 25 are vineyards.  The winery is equipped with the latest technology while still using traditional methods of vinification.  Uviglie wines are born from a passion and love for the region and vineyards in the town of Monferrato, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 


One of only two Biodynamic wineries in the Veneto, Demeter-Certified producer Musella is the vision and passion of Maddalena Pasqua Di Biscegli. All  products come exclusively from Musella, which extends over  400 hectares. Such a large area offers a remarkable differentiation in the soil composition, which allows for the possibility of challenging comparisons.  Musella follows the Biodynamic method with enthusiasm and discipline; it is a conscious choice born out of love and respect for the land.  

Serbolino Wines, produced by Pian delle Querci

Pian della Querci is in Montalcino, a beautiful and historic medieval walled town in the heart of Tuscany. It is a 4th generation family business with with the very experienced winemaker, Pinti Vittorio. Pian delle Querci  cultivates its vineyards on a  very rich  loamy skeletal, mixed clay soil.  The resulting wines are the result of what the earth in this area can give. The philosophy of Pian delle Querci is to take great care of all the stages of the production, from the vineyard to the wine-making; and produce  a highly competitive Quality-Price Ratio.